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Why Greek Products

Greece is isolated in a very rocky Balkan peninsula.
It is a sunny country bordered by the sea.
The average sunshine is 2,700 hours per year.
Over 3/4 of its total surface consists of mountainous and semi-mountainous landscape (100,000 sq km is mountainous and semi-mountainous over the total of 131.944 sq km)

Greece has a dry and mild climate.
Although there is rain in the winter, drought is more common throughout the months.
Its temperatures are generally high. The average temperature of the year ranges between 16-19 °C.

The stony and dry landscape of Greece, the ideal climatic conditions and the chemical composition of the soil contribute to the production of a high-graded olive oil.

Today in Greece, there are 120 million olive trees for a population of approximately 10 million covering an area of 6 billion square meters.Approximately 500 thousand Greek families (almost 1/6 of the population) are occupied with the cultivation and processing of the olive tree throughout the country.Today, the method of cultivation and utilization of the olive tree differs slightly from that of antiquity.

Greece is the largest exporter of Extrissimo or Extra Virgin olive oil, which is considered to be the best quality olive oil in the world.

  •     We choose Greece because it has the ideal conditions for the production of superior products.
  •     We support Greece by buying the best products from the source.
  •     We give Greece a chance to highlight the quality of its products and to take the place it deserves within the global economic environment.